Posted by: ruraleclectic | August 1, 2012

Thirsty for Living Water

I’m stuck. Really stuck.

It’s time to ‘go to press’ with the newsletter and I’ve got nothing. And by nothing, what I mean is nothing. No ideas, no inspiration. I feel like even if a good idea jumped onto my computer screen I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I’m not depressed, worried, or anxious about anything. In fact, I would say that things are hitting on all cylinders these days.

Is it possible that the part of my heart and soul where creativity is birthed might be thirsty? Hmmm…something to consider, perhaps. I wouldn’t be surprised – everything looks thirsty these days. Even though I put water on my garden, it doesn’t seem to matter. Except for the weeds – they look healthy as can be.

I am finally able to distinguish among the flowers that I would like to see grow and the weeds that I would prefer not to grow. Flowers have a thirst that’s not easily or adequately filled with something less than what God gives – they need living water. This fact is never clearer than when the living water becomes scarce. Substitutes do not suffice, they leave the hopeful flowers wanting and thirsty.

How many times have I tried to fill my heart with something less than what God gives? Have you? It doesn’t suffice, does it? Even the prettiest pair of shoes, the highest horsepower machine or the latest software isn’t sufficient to occupy the Jesus-shaped place within us. Even Devon knows he can’t put a circle shaped piece through a star-shaped hole. Sometimes I wonder if that’s the mark of Christian maturity – to cease trying to put worldly shaped things into a Jesus-shaped space, and then reflexively turn to Jesus for living water.

Join me for a cup? See you Sunday…..

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