Posted by: ruraleclectic | June 26, 2012

Corny Bean Counter

“Don’t you wish you lived here, where the mountains are so inspiring?”

No, I don’t. I love to visit the mountains and the beach, the Las Vegas Strip, and Disney World, but I am grateful to live among the endless acres of corn and beans.

Their growth tells a fabulous story. Every January, the ground is so frozen that it feels like cement; impenetrable. Very soon the ice and snow lose their battle with spring and slowly retreat. The winter-hardened earth gives way to small green declarations of life pushing their way through the soil, stretching and yawning, proclaiming again that life always wins.

In the time it takes to blink three times, the previously grey, devoid landscape is dressed in a deep green miracle. After a few more blinks, the green fades, the leaves droop, and the stalks struggle to stand under the weight of their grain. Very soon, the green landscape becomes yellow and amber, then brown. An abundant harvest, beginning from the tiniest green speck, ships all over the world.

Then the darkness comes, the heat moves south for the winter, and the grey descends once more.

Even the coldest cold cannot hold back the spring. Once again, a little green sprout peeks through the softening soil…

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